MTA ’21 Marnie Award

Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) is talent empowered.  It’s what makes MTA such a special place to work – the collection of talent that believes in the same core values and comes together to create transformative event experiences for clients around the world. Our clients can find a personality they can connect with and the MTA Team crafts events that connect to all people, pronouns, and ranges of accessibility.  

“At MTA we try to celebrate each other every day,” shares Marnie Battistini, CEO, “but over time we realized that each year there are those of us that shine brighter and that bright beam of light should be celebrated in a more robust format.”  

Annually at our MTA Workshop, we hold an awards ceremony.  We experiment with different ways to design a memorable awards show and this year was no different.  To recognize our 2021 award winners, MTA held the awards show on a Glacier in Iceland – an MTA first to build a stage out of snow, insert a locally built custom stage set, and gather the team together on a glacier to praise and celebrate this year’s winners. 

Our five award categories are Story of the Year, Gift of Service, MTA Saver, Theme of the Year, and the Marnie Award.  

And the 2021 Marnie Award goes to… 

Jill Mason, MTA Controller 

Jill receives ’21 Marnie Award

The Marnie Award is given by the MTA CEO to the associate/s that she believes has done the most for MTA during the year. The Marnie Award recipient embodies the best of what MTA values and exemplifies. It’s a personal award seen from the CEO’s vantage point. 

At the awards ceremony on the glacier, Marnie spoke about Jill’s impact at MTA.  Here’s a small list of the topics Marnie shared about Jill: 

  • Completed MTA’s profitability improvement sprint 
  • Improved MTA’s invoicing process 
  • Overhauled MTA’s contracting process 
  • Improved the connection between MTA’s systems  
  • Implemented processes for improved cash management and visibility 
  • Enhanced financial reporting and analysis with greater visibility
  • Onboarded three finance team members  
  • Demonstrated strong department leadership
  • In collaboration with MTA proposal manager, improved efficiency of MTA proposals process

MTA CEO Marnie Battistini added, “The ‘Marnie Award’ may not be the best name for an award, but it does represent my choice of who has shined the brightest at MTA during any given year.  This year the shining star is Jill Mason.  Jill’s number one strength is responsibility.  I’m constantly aware I need to protect Jill from taking on too much work as her ownership for anything she commits to, whether large or small, means she will follow it through to completion. Jill’s work ethic, conscientiousness, and near obsession for doing things right, make Jill utterly dependable.  An amazing talent, with her mad Excel skills and her kind nature, have made working with Jill such a joy. MTA has benefited greatly from Jill’s investment of talent at work and I am very appreciative of all she brings to the MTA global team.” 

MTA’s Chief Financial Officer Marilyn Eisele said this about why Jill deserved the 2021 Marnie Award: “Jill is a unique talent and such a team player. She brings immense value to MTA and leads by example. Her knowledge of the operational aspects of MTA and each of our customers in addition to her technology utilization are exceptional. Jill also supports everyone at MTA and is extraordinarily responsive. So excited that Jill won the Marnie Award.”

Congratulations, Jill!  You are an MTA Bright Light!