7 Powerful Ways On-Demand Training Maximizes Your Meetings

on-demand training maximizes meetings

The content of your training meetings is incredibly valuable.

You spend a lot of time putting it together to give your team members all the information they need in the most memorable and accessible way possible.

Why not capture that content for continued future use both internally and externally?

Miller Tanner’s On-Demand Training is a convenient and affordable online solution that gives you and your team anywhere, anytime access to valuable training content.

With 24/7 access to your training, individuals can get the same great learning experience as meeting attendees but on their own timeline.

How On-Demand Training Benefits Your Organization

Here are some of the key benefits of On-Demand Training:

1. Deliver Your Message Intact

The top benefit of On-Demand Training is the ability to capture the exact content, message, and training from any meeting whether it’s face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid.

You have an exact replica of the training YOU provided, not a diluted reasonable facsimile.

Your Subject Matter Experts are the ones talking to your audience.

Who better to convey your enthusiastic study message and in-depth knowledge of your product and protocol?

2. Provide Greater Flexibility & Accessibility

Time is money. Your teams are located all around the world. They have “day jobs” to perform.

On-Demand Training allows your teams to review your content and messages online through a secure link at the times that are advantageous to them.

While training meetings and visits are being scheduled, the team member can receive and review the materials you presented via a secure website to better prepare themselves for additional training needs.

3. Enhance Knowledge Retention

With On-Demand Training, you can include assessment questions to determine if the user has been able to understand the content or principle key elements presented.

You can predetermine a passing threshold. If the user does not meet the passing score threshold, you have the option to require the user to reset/retake the training in order to ensure content understanding.

Reference materials can also be provided for the user giving them the ability to re-review presentations for key messages in the future.

4. Increase the Value of Your Meeting Content

The cost of On-Demand Training is nominal compared to the value of being able to provide the same exact content to all parties, involved around the world, in their native language.

A good On-Demand Training system will also provide you with the ability to update, adjust, or add to your content as needed throughout the life of your hosting.

For example, at Miller Tanner, we can host your training materials in a secure manner, adding updated information in real-time for your teams to review, for multiple years.  

Our system can also assign presentations and assessments to individual team members based on their role in the company or for the study specifically.  

5. Support Training Requirements & Regulations

With On-Demand Training, you can meet any necessary training regulations.

At Miller Tanner, our On-Demand Training system was developed to support 21 CFR Part 11 requirements such as trustworthy e-signature and reliable electronic records with associated audit trails.  This is an important differentiator for our pharmaceutical clients.

6. Deploy Content in Different  Formats

Meeting content can be deployed through On-Demand Training in either an audio or audio-video format.

You need to have the proper technical setup and professionals to effectively capture the audio and/or video from your meetings for use in your On-Demand Training.

Once the meeting content has been captured, you can optimize the files so that there is synchronization between the slides and verbiage.

At Miller Tanner, we can provide our clients with both audio and video capture capabilities.

7. Extend Your Reach

As human beings, we continue to enjoy face-to-face and virtual interactions with colleagues and peers. Those remain the most personal and effective ways to interact.

But On-Demand Training provides a great way to support those training efforts and reach people who were not able to attend a meeting or have been newly assigned to a project or investigational site team.

It’s always challenging for clients or sites to add new team members midway through a study and ensure consistency in training.

On-Demand Training gives your new team members the benefit of hearing your voice and message, verbatim, as part of their onboarding training.

Discover a Better System for Providing On-Demand Training

At Miller Tanner, we provide our clients access to our On-Demand Trainer/ Learning Management System so they can get more out of their training meetings.

The value of our On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System goes beyond generic on-demand trainers (ODTs).  

We have developed our system to support training efforts with e-signatures and electronic records compliant with 21 CRF part 11 regulations to help reduce the burden of documenting training in real-time with a global reach.

Through our robust Client Dashboard, you can monitor training completions, produce electronic training records for your files, as well as review and grant access requests with confidence of system security and full audit trails.

Contact Miller Tanner today to find our how our On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System will work for you!