10 Fun Activities for Corporate Events

Have your corporate events become stale? Are you looking to add a unique touch to your company’s meeting? Do you wish you had better engagement from your team?

For starters, add more fun elements to your next corporate gathering! With some creative thinking outside the box and the help of expert planners to guide you, you can design an event that is more personalized, exciting, and engaging for your attendees.

10 Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Here are just a few ideas that our Miller Tanner Team has used to bring more fun to the corporate events that we’ve designed.

1. Pick a Theme

A theme can unleash so many creative ideas, boost attendee engagement, and bring the details of your entire event together in a way that WOWs the crowd.

2. Unique, Interactive Food and Beverage Options

Instead of gathering your team around the proverbial watercooler, gather your attendees around a food and beverage station that is sure to spark fun and engagement during the break time. Try adding a sugary donut wall or a customized drink dispenser such as Drink Ripple (pictured).

3. Choose Your Gift

Remember those choose-your-own-ending stories? Well, the latest new trend in corporate event gifting is offering a gifting suite where attendees can choose their own gift, the one that speaks to them personally (pictured).

4. Customize the Roomset

We have so many options in roomset design. You can add the unexpected twist to your traditional meeting room with cozy sofas, modern chairs, or outdoor-style loungers.

5. Get Outside

Take your meeting outdoors. Offer a rejuvenating activity like outdoor yoga or yard games. Dine al fresco under the stars (pictured). The sky’s the limit when you take your event outside of the venue conference space.

6. Friendly Competition

Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition among coworkers? Bring your team together for unique competitions like ax-throwing or a game of skeeball (pictured) aimed at bringing fun into a friendly match.

7. Get Techy

Technology is a powerful tool to boost your attendees’ engagement. Using apps, virtual reality (VR), and holograms, learning can be entertaining and memorable.

8. Include Cultural Entertainment

If your event is hosted in a country with a vibrant culture, use it as an opportunity to partake in cultural activities with your team. You’ll gain a new understanding of the world together while adding fun entertainment to your event.

9. Invite an Inspirational Speaker

Bring in a comedian or motivational speaker to teach a new perspective, motivate with an inspirational talk, or to simply bring some uproarious laughter to your event.

10. Add CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility activities can bring your team together for a great cause while fostering team bonding. Whether your teams are competing to build a bike for youth or assembling gift baskets, they will certainly have fun doing something meaningful together for others.

Our team can design a perfectly unique corporate event for your company. Contact us to get started!