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Enhancing Global Event Experiences

Here at MTA, we pride ourselves on enhancing global event experiences and ensuring all our events and client experiences are unique and memorable. That requires always having new ideas, new locations to pitch, and strong relationships around the world. Think about all the things we do personally to further advance our careers. We may take an Excel class, we might expand our social and professional networks, or even take on extra projects in our current role to explore new opportunities. MTA practices a similar philosophy, where our employees’ own personal...


Best Practices: Inviting South Korea Healthcare Professionals to Event Training

South Korea’s Improper Solicitation and Graft Act About a year ago, the meeting industry was made aware of South Korea’s Improper Solicitation and Graft Act (subsequently referred to as the “Act”).  “The purpose of this Act is to ensure that public officials and relevant persons fulfill their duties uprightly and to secure public confidence in public institutions by forbidding improper solicitations to public officials and relevant persons and by prohibiting them from accepting financial or other advantages.” 1 Who it Impacts The scope (who it impacts) of the “Act” is...


What You Need to Know About General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

For any organization that does business with clients in European Union (EU) countries, understanding the General Data Protection (GDPR) requirements is essential. The GDPR  aims to protect the privacy and personal data of EU citizens. These safeguards enact strict rules, and any non-compliance can impact your company. While consumer privacy rights are incredibly important, many companies are discovering that the GDPR goes far beyond the usual standard for data security. This has left more than a few organizations facing a significant overhaul of their systems and protocols, even as many...


Virtual Training Musts for Medical Events

    Thanks to the evolution of event technology and a significant increase in the demand for virtual events, it is now more possible than ever for your medical meetings to go digital. Medical conferences, training, and networking events are an integral component of the healthcare field. These events provide essential opportunities for professionals to learn, connect, and expand their expertise. Whether your events are in-person or virtual, Miller Tanner Associates can help improve your events.  Tapping into our extensive years of experience in event planning and management for the...


Innovative Solutions for Clinical and Commercial Meetings

Miller Tanner is a global event planning and logistics company that is solution-focused and offers options for worldwide events whether for clinical or commercial teams. We continue to evolve to stay on trend with new meeting requirements and technologic developments. Solution-Focused Services We aim to be at the forefront of developing services which resolve the challenges corporate teams experience during clinical development and problem-solve in advance the issues that site attendees may face during their required training. We do this to help drive recruitment into the clinical trial to enhance protocol adherence.  For...


18 Smart Reasons to Use Our On-Demand Training/Learning Management System

If you haven’t tried virtual training solutions, then there is no better time than now! Train on-demand, anytime, anywhere. What’s not to like about that? We’ve got 18 smart reasons why you should stop wasting your time on redundant, ineffective training methods and start training effortlessly with our VALTs on-demand training. Work smarter not harder.


How to Increase Attendance at Medical Meetings

Face-to-face events still rank as the best method for training and engaging intellectual discussions among attendees; however, with that, comes many challenges when planning a medical meeting. Patients are healthcare professionals first priority, so it’s important that these 5 aspects of event planning and coordinating should be taken into consideration when creating your event.


Our On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System Just Got Smarter

We’ve pushed our on-demand training product to a new level and it’s now smarter than ever! Miller Tanner Associates has just released the latest version of our proprietary On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System and we can’t wait to share its capabilities with you. We’ve completely redesigned our system and added new features for a more intuitive user experience. We’ve included all the bells and whistles to make our system easy to use with full training functionality within a mobile browser.


Miller Tanner Associates’ Superlatives Awards

Superlatives Awards 2016-2017 We are pleased to announce our “Superlatives Awards” for the 2016-2017 year! At our recent Miller Tanner Global Workshop, we recognized and awarded distinguished team members for their outstanding contribution to Miller Tanner throughout the year. Their special talents and skills contribute to the “Miller Tanner Difference”. We thank them for their dedication and hard work this year.