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CSR Spotlight: Circus Kathmandu

At the heart of Miller Tanner Associates, you will find two distinctions: a team of dedicated individuals who strive for excellence in the work that they do every day; and a work culture that promotes a spirit of generosity and hospitality through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Recently we sat down with Glenda Ann Robertson, Global Event Specialist who, in February, participated in a CSR opportunity with Circus Kathmandu.


Powerful Technology Tools to Boost Your Events

Boost your event with these powerful tech tools. It is crucial to think about your training and event needs in a holistic way and to utilize all of the tools at your disposal to make the greatest impact on your attendees’ comprehension of the data and to get the most out of your training budgets. As event solutions experts, we are all constantly in search of amazing ideas and tools to up the engagement levels for our attendees.  We have some clever and powerful technology tools to add some pop and...


{Infographic} Key Questions to Ask When Hiring an Event Planner

Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring an Event Planner Jump to Infographic Whether it be for a pharmaceutical investigator meeting or a company’s national sales meeting, here are key questions to ask when hiring an event planner for your next corporate event. General Capabilities & Support What is the company’s area of expertise? What is the process from start to finish? What specific services will be provided? What factors should I consider when determining a virtual or hybrid meeting versus a face-to-face meeting? Operational Structure Will I have one...


Bring Remote Site Training With Virtual Events

Reimagine Your Face-to-Face Events What if you could bring training directly to your remote, global sites without the added expense of travel and logistics of a face-to-face event?Now you can. Reimagine Your Face-to-Face Events What if you could bring training directly to your remote, global sites without the added expense of travel and logistics of a face-to-face event?Now you can.


Introducing VALTs: Virtual Assessment, Learning & Training Source

 Introducing VALTs: Virtual Assessment, Learning & Training Source We know that distance and time can be abarrier to effective training.  Why not have one source for all your expertise availableto your team accessible at any time from any location.Right at their fingertips.Designed with security, ease, reporting, and cost-savings in mind. Introducing VALTs, our Virtual Assessment, Learning & Training Source, which allows you to train more effectively than ever! Use VALTs to:  VALTs. Centralize your expertise. Propel your team.


MTA Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary

Celebrating 21 Years in the Events Industry! A lot has changed in the past 21 years in the events industry and Miller Tanner Associates has aspired to adapt to those changes along the way, staying ahead of the curve with your events and with meeting technology. However, a lot has remained the same – like our longstanding commitment to compliance, our continued efforts to cultivate vendor partnerships around the world, and our dedication to delivering exceptional customer-focused service to our clients. We’re proud to continue serving you in every corner of the...


Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO, Receives 2018 Smart Women in Meetings Innovator Award

2018 Smart Women in Meetings Innovator Award Miller Tanner Associates is pleased to announce that Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO of Miller Tanner Associates, has been named a 2018 Smart Women in Meetings Awards winner. The team at Miller Tanner Associates could not be more proud of our accomplished and deserving leader.


6 Benefits of a Virtual Investigator Meeting

Though face-to-face investigator events are ideal in many ways, virtual events, despite some misconceptions, can be an equally effective way to deliver your investigator meeting.  Common reasons for offering a virtual investigator event might include: