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Improve Customer Experience (CX) with a Customer Journey Map

The Value of Creating a Customer Journey Map Many companies are realizing the value of creating a customer journey map, especially given the significant rise in customer purchasing power.  The purpose of creating a customer journey map is to better understand the various interactions your customers have with your company through an outside-in approach while improving customer experiences throughout the customer life cycle.   Whether the interaction with the customer occurs during acquisition, onboarding, engagement while using your product or service, or even within retention, customers’ expectations are higher than...


Corporate Events: Q & A

Corporate Events: Q & A Global Experience Designer Jenny Decker, CMP, shares with us the latest trends and insights for planning a memorable corporate event experience. What part of the event do you personally handle?   My role begins once the location and hotel have been determined; however, because we have a more continuous relationship with our clients, sometimes we are involved earlier and make suggestions based on what we know about the attendees and goals of the next meeting.  Which details would you consider the top priority when planning...


How an Inspired Theme Can Transform Your Event Experience

Event Themes Themes can be a key to unlocking an event’s greatest potential for an unforgettable experience. By customizing your event with a theme that resonates with your audience, you’ve tapped into the secret to crafting an engaging experience that will most certainly wow the crowd. The right theme sets the foundation for architecting an event that is more focused and intentional. When a focused theme is a driving force behind the event elements and the overall purpose, the planning comes together more synergistically. And when it’s “showtime”, the event...


Design Global Healthcare Meetings For Professionals

In this month's newsletter, we explore ways to design a better meeting experience for your HCPs, and gain insights for managing an exceptional team.


Miller Tanner Associates Announces New Strategic Leadership Team

Introducing the MTA Strategic Leadership Team Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) is excited to announce the expansion of the company’s leadership with the creation of a Strategic Leadership Team (SLT).  The SLT provides a forum for the leaders of our Global Experiences, Technology Services, Compliance, Commercial, and Finance Teams to provide direction for our global workforce and to enhance product and service offerings for our global customers.  “MTA is foundationally an expert in logistics, technology, and design creating exceptional global events; however, MTA offers so much more which we are working toward...


2019 Miller Tanner Associates Awards

Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) would not be the event planning company that it is today without the incredibly talented individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes to create memorable experiences for our clients. At each annual MTA Workshop, our company’s internal global meeting, we recognize those distinguished team members for their outstanding contributions to Miller Tanner throughout the year. Our theme for our 2019 Workshop was Depth 2x, as we focused on how we can go deeper as a team and as a company to meet the needs of our clients....


2019 MTA Annual Team Workshop in Session

It’s that time of year again when the Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) team comes together for our annual Workshop.  As a virtual organization, we devote resources for a face-to-face (F2F) event knowing it’s the best investment we can make in our global team.  This year we are providing hands-on event technology training, further exploring how we can actualize event industry trends while simultaneously testing the new event technology that MTA is building within our own team.  Building upon our 2018 Workshop experiment of using hologram technology to “visualize” remote speakers by bringing...


Meet MTA: Our Certified Meeting Professionals

We'd like to introduce you to the Miller Tanner Associates' Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP). The CMP credential is recognized globally as the “badge of excellence” in the meeting, convention, exhibition, and event industry.


Corporate Meeting Mash-Up

We’ve curated a corporate meeting mash-up of some of our best blogs with our tips for creating a successful internal corporate event. Supercharge your internal events, meetings, and trainings with expert advice using these strategies from the Miller Tanner Team. How to Boost Your Brand Internally From an events industry perspective with two decades of event planning experience, Miller Tanner offers three innovative ways to boost your company’s brand internally.   Full article Why Internal Meetings Matter As a contribution to our corporate meeting mash-up advice, we asked our team of event pros...


Ingrid Easter, Director, Special Projects

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today, we introduce you to Ingrid Easter, Special Projects, Director, for Miller Tanner Associates (MTA). Ingrid’s ability to transform “big picture ideas” into achievable details coupled with her exceptional, supportive skills in strategic development and training has proven to be invaluable to our team.