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Top Technology Trends in Meetings

As Director of Global Business Innovation, my role is to ensure Miller Tanner is always on the forefront of technology by introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services and products all while maintaining the highest level of security for our clients’ intellectual property. Global Business Innovation encompasses every department and aspect of Miller Tanner’s business model. An example of our latest technological advancement is implementing an UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) system so our clients and vendors can reach us anytime, anywhere on any device. The system encompasses telephone, text, instant...


5 Common Myths About Virtual Meetings

Cutting-edge technology has transformed the way companies conduct meetings — as many have embraced expanding their meetings beyond the confines of one room to a global, virtual meeting setting. However, some companies are still on the fence as to whether virtual meetings can truly deliver. For those who may still doubt the effectiveness of virtual meetings compared to face-to-face meetings, research suggests otherwise. A recent survey conducted by Meeting Professional Internationals found that meetings overall are expected to increase with virtual meetings growth at twice the rate of in-person meetings. Additionally, 68 percent of those surveyed...


How We Keep Your Meeting Data Secure

Today on our blog, we take a look at data security, primarily as it relates to your meetings. Ensuring that your sensitive data is secure at every meeting is our top priority. We take no chances. We recently interviewed our own Miller Tanner expert, Daniel Conroy, Director of Technology Services, who offers his insights and advice on the topic and further explains the methods that Miller Tanner employs to ensure the security and protection of your meeting’s information. What steps does Miller Tanner Associates take to ensure data is secure? It all starts with our classification of data. We treat all data, whether...


5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Meeting Location

Have meeting, will travel…but where? One of the very first steps in planning your meeting is determining the ideal location. With so many choices – from Paris to Dallas to Seoul – how do you narrow down your options to determine the city and country that will be the best fit? Ultimately, your budget and the general locale of your attendees can tell you a lot about where and how to move forward in finding the best fit for your meeting location. Consider these 5 factors that we’ve compiled to help...


How To Ensure Training Consistency Using On-Demand Training

  Consistency in training is paramount for all companies no matter what industry. However, as professional meeting planners, we know all too well the challenges that many companies face with ensuring that their meeting updates, discussion, and protocols are accurately communicated throughout their organization. It can feel like an endless cycle of inconsistencies. The good news is that you can stop the endless cycle with one easy solution using on-demand training with  VALTs, Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source. What’s On-Demand Training? On-demand training is simply a virtual, online training that is ready to be taken at the time an...


MTA Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary

  Greetings, Today, May 1, 2016 marks Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA’s) 19th anniversary in business. Although I named it Miller Tanner Associates, I really wanted the focus on the ASSOCIATES hoping that the business would grow and ASSOCIATES would eventually materialize. Thankfully they did, and today, Miller Tanner has grown to 65 employees worldwide across 14 countries working on six continents (Antarctica continues to elude us!).   Miller Tanner’s ASSOCIATES are what make MTA unique – past and present – we share the gift of service. Nineteen years ago, I created a mission...


How Virtual Meetings Save Your Business Money

There’s no doubt about it: Going virtual can drastically cut your meeting costs. At Miller Tanner, virtual meetings save our clients approximately 90% of the training budget associated with face-to-face meetings by eliminating logistics related to venues, travel, hotels, food & beverages, etc. Virtual meetings can save companies in other ways too. For example, one of the intangible benefits of virtual meetings is health maintenance—either through decreased stress levels associated with travel or decreased exposure to “new germs” while traveling. Studies show that decreased stress levels typically can have a positive...


7 Powerful Ways On-Demand Training Maximizes Your Meetings

The content of your training meetings is incredibly valuable. You spend a lot of time putting it together to give your team members all the information they need in the most memorable and accessible way possible. Why not capture that content for continued future use both internally and externally? Miller Tanner’s On-Demand Training is a convenient and affordable online solution that gives you and your team anywhere, anytime access to valuable training content. With 24/7 access to your training, individuals can get the same great learning experience as meeting attendees...


How We Relocated an Investigator Meeting During a Medical Outbreak

A lot goes into planning a meeting. It requires organization and preparation, and the simultaneous turning of many different screws to successfully put the plan in motion. And yet even the best-laid plans can be derailed by the unpredictable. That was the case for one of our clients, who had to consider canceling their event after the sudden emergence of a public health crisis. Fortunately, for every incredible meeting challenge, there’s usually an equally incredible solution to overcome it. Here’s the story of how we helped a client work around...


5 Ways We Wowed Our Client’s Leadership Conference in Dublin

At Miller Tanner, we love creating unique and memorable events for our clients. For us, there’s no better feeling than planning and executing a meeting experience that gets attendees excited, makes our clients smile, and keeps people talking for months (or even years). A great example of an event like that was a leadership conference we recently planned for a client in Dublin, Ireland. Energizing Attendees and Celebrating The Client’s Heritage Our client is headquartered in Dublin with thousands of employees all over the world. The opportunity to gather the...