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Case Study: Investigator Training Engagement To Improve Event Management

The Partnership Miller Tanner Associates is a meeting planning company that provides cost-effective, technology-based solutions for your meeting and event needs. We use our advanced event technology and meeting planning expertise to help pharmaceutical companies discover how to more effectively train and engage their study sites. We partnered with a pharmaceutical company whose initiative was aimed at improving investigator meetings’ content for more engagement, creating best practices for all future investigator meetings and measuring ROI. The Challenge Miller Tanner Associates were responsible for developing solutions for challenges related to improving...


Using Video and Visual Content to Improve Your Onboarding

If you are looking for a creative approach to onboarding new employees, optimize your onboarding with video and visual content as part of your training. At Miller Tanner Associates, we use our own VALTs, Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source, for onboarding and to introduce new hires to all aspects of our company. We go a step further to create visual content that will improve engagement and excite our new employees about their new role with our company. Training magazine has an excellent list of 10 reasons to optimize your onboarding with...


How to Improve Your Meetings and Trainings

Message from Mary Long, Chief Compliance Officer Training yesterday versus today…  When I first started working in the CRO industry (back when the dinosaurs roamed), the training of healthcare professionals selected to participate in an investigational trial took on two basic formats: 1) holding an investigator meeting that lasted at least 2-3 days and 2) site initiation visits that lasted all day at each site.  This is still the most common practice today; however, the time spent at the investigator meeting and the site initiation visits has been cut in half. ...


Jenny Decker, CMP, Global Experience Manager – Events

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Global Experience Manager – Events Jenny Decker, CMP. Jenny brings her extensive background in event management with expertise in conference and exhibition planning. As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP), Jenny is a valuable asset to our team, planning both clinical and commercial events for our clients.


{Infographic} 5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Training

Are you looking to improve your corporate training this year? Try these 5 tips for boosting your training engagement.


Transform Your “Bored” Meeting to a Board Meeting

Plan a Virtual Board Meeting for Better Engagement Every minute something is changing somewhere;  technology is prevailing over “we’ve always done it this way”.  Since that is true, why not shake things up starting with your usual and customary processes?  Oh wait, here come the reasons: It costs too much It takes too much time My team won’t buy into it


Why You Should Switch Your Presentation to This Format

In any presentation, as meeting experts, we know content is king. In today’s meeting room, you want to make sure that you showcase your content in such a way that it is visually engaging and provides a dynamic experience for your learner. That being the case, it may be time to upgrade your PowerPoint slides from 4:3 layout to the modern, widescreen 16:9 layout.


Measuring the Impact of Your Face-to-Face Event Using Data

Measuring ROI at Face-to-Face Events Our clients often pose the question to the Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) team, “How can we prove to our key stakeholders that it is worth the investment of time, money and resources required for face-to-face events, when the efficiency and ease of virtual events is powerful and persuasive?”  The simple answer is data. This year, MTA’s focus has been to show data that supports how an event has “moved the needle” and achieved its goals offering a huge ROI for our clients. By using both...