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Top 3 Reasons to Try Virtual Events in 2016

Maybe you’ve been wondering about hosting a virtual event, but you’ve had one of these thoughts… “I’ve had too many past issues to trust technology with something this important.” “I have 1,000 attendees. Wouldn’t it cost us an arm and a leg to have a meeting that large?” “Wouldn’t I also need to host a live, face-to-face event as well?” It is easy to understand why most businesses seem skeptical about risking the success of highly important interactions with their stakeholders. That’s why many companies decide to engage participants interactively...


Why the Miller Tanner Team is one of my Greatest Accomplishments

By Marnie Miller Battistini: The day I founded Miller Tanner – May 1, 1997 – really doesn’t seem so long ago for me. It was a bleak, grey day in Nashville as I sat in quiet anticipation at my lawyer’s office, readying myself to officially sign the papers required to “start” Miller Tanner Associates. Just days earlier, the lawyer had asked me what I was going to call this company, suggesting I personalize it by including my name so I took his advice. Although I knew I wanted the name to also include the future “team”...


Top 10 Global Corporate Event Destinations for 2016

Not sure where to host your next corporate meeting or event? We have the answer! Miller Tanner's guide to the top international business destinations for 2016. We compiled this list based on culture, location, budget and more.


10 Signs You Need a Corporate Event Planner

Planning a corporate event seems simple at first. You just book a hotel, arrange some travel and you’re all set, right? Wrong. Even though we’ve all attended meetings, running them in a flawless and professional manner is a completely different story. The reality is that event planning can be challenging if unprepared. It demands time, focus, research, budgeting, logistical skills and relevant knowledge that many corporate leadership teams simply don’t possess. Sadly, far too many companies try to figure it out on their own in order to save costs and...


3 Key Ingredients for Planning Successful Corporate Events

Whether you plan, manage, attend or participate in a corporate event, we all know what it feels like to be a part of a successful outcome. We know what feels, sounds and looks good – and we know when it doesn’t. It can be hard to put into words what exactly is most important, most valuable, or most appreciated during an event and after. After experiencing everything under the sun in the world of corporate events, we are uniquely qualified to determine and identify the characteristics that are most beneficial...


6 Steps to Determining Your Next Corporate Event Location

If you’re trying to decide on a destination for your next corporate meeting or event, the options can be both exciting and overwhelming. London or Los Angeles? Brussels or Budapest? Seoul or Singapore? Although there is not a specific formula for making that decision, there are definitely some key factors to consider that will help you choose a location that will serve your company and your attendees. We have planned more than 2,200 events for our clients during the past 20 years, so we routinely work with clients to help...