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How to Increase Attendance at Medical Meetings

Face-to-face events still rank as the best method for training and engaging intellectual discussions among attendees; however, with that, comes many challenges when planning a medical meeting. Patients are healthcare professionals first priority, so it’s important that these 5 aspects of event planning and coordinating should be taken into consideration when creating your event.


Our On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System Just Got Smarter

We’ve pushed our on-demand training product to a new level and it’s now smarter than ever! Miller Tanner Associates has just released the latest version of our proprietary On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System and we can’t wait to share its capabilities with you. We’ve completely redesigned our system and added new features for a more intuitive user experience. We’ve included all the bells and whistles to make our system easy to use with full training functionality within a mobile browser.


Miller Tanner Associates’ Superlatives Awards

Superlatives Awards 2016-2017 We are pleased to announce our “Superlatives Awards” for the 2016-2017 year! At our recent Miller Tanner Global Workshop, we recognized and awarded distinguished team members for their outstanding contribution to Miller Tanner throughout the year. Their special talents and skills contribute to the “Miller Tanner Difference”. We thank them for their dedication and hard work this year. 


Make a Huge Impact at Your Events with CSR

For the past 20 years, Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has brought our global team together for training and team building at our annual MTA Workshop. One of the highlights of this time together is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Every year, our team dedicates part of the day to work together on a project that benefits the local community. Take a look at our recap highlighting this year’s project: Why CSR Matters With our team dispersed across the globe, it’s an important opportunity to connect with each other and also...


Meet Thomas De Dominicis, Production Manager

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today, we introduce you to Thomas De Dominicis, Production Manager. Thomas is an audiovisual whiz and brings his exceptional creativity and vast media skill set to our Media and Production Team.


Our Annual Training to Test Event Industry Trends

Miller Tanner Associates is looking forward to celebrating our 20th Anniversary, face to face, as a team this month.  Gathering together is an event we invest in annually which we started in 1998. Back then, it was to recognize one year of being in business. Now we are celebrating our 20th work anniversary milestone. Our celebration will include refining our corporate event planning skills as well as working on our company goal of connectedness. Testing event ideas at our last year’s annual training workshop. There are always tangibles and intangibles that make our team stronger and...


Global MTA Team Training July 10 -14

  The global MTA team will be meeting off-site from July 10-14 for our annual workshop to complete mandatory internal training. Our main office will remain available if you should need assistance at +1 615-466-5602; however, please note that emails may be slightly delayed. This time together is invaluable to us and we thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Business Travel Tip: How To Soundproof Your Hotel Room

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep at a Hotel For business travelers, getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging at best. Our global team members have a few tips to help you beat jet lag and soundproof your hotel room so that you can get a more restful night’s sleep while traveling.


Cost-Saving Virtual Event Solutions

Greetings! It is hard to believe that we are nearly into summer already – time sure flies.  Realizing the year is nearly halfway over and that 2017 annual budget targets and event timelines are starting to get tight, Miller Tanner Associates’ virtual service offerings may provide a solution to mitigate these challenges. Our Virtual Event Services Our Virtual Events Team has a plethora of tools and strategies to support your need to connect with your teams around the globe.  With a focus on key information sharing, attendee engagement, and team...


3 Ways We Planned a Memorable Global Sales Event

We’ve planned over 2,500 events and no two events are ever alike. Events come in all types, each with a specific intent.  This is one of our favorite aspects of event planning – customizing your event to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.