Virtual Event Mash-Up

Virtual events

We’ve curated a mash-up of some of our best blogs with tips for creating successful virtual events. Now more than ever virtual events are essential. Use these strategies from the Miller Tanner Team to improve and maximize your meeting’s capabilities.

Switching to Virtual Meeting Solutions

Even when the face-to-face can’t go on, your meeting still can. Businesses can easily switch to virtual options and not miss a beat when they have the right partner in place to guide them through the switch. More here.

4 Tips for Virtual Meeting Success

Virtual Meeting Tips

Virtual meetings are an ideal option for many companies needing to provide the latest information to attendees without the need to consider travel, hotel, and other logistics. Since the cost is a fraction of a face-to-face meeting, more and more companies are finding this option to be a valuable solution to educate and update attendees, especially within short time frames. Read more here.

Using Virtual Solutions to Relocate a Meeting

Relocated a face to face meeting

A lot goes into planning a meeting and yet even the best-laid plans can be derailed by the unpredictable. That was the case for one of our clients who had to consider canceling their event after the sudden emergence of a public health crisis. Read more here.

3 Reasons You Need a Virtual Meeting Planner

Reasons you need a planner for virtual events

Though you could conduct a virtual meeting using in-house resources, oftentimes many companies do not have access to the equipment and expertise required to produce a seamless virtual event. With virtual events, a well-executed deployment is essential; otherwise, you easily run the risk of a virtual event failure, wasting time and valuable resources in the process. Read more here.

Let Miller Tanner Associates set you up for a virtual success. Learn more about our virtual event solutions here.