Switching to Virtual Meetings

Your Business can easily make the switch to virtual meetings

If you are accustomed to conducting meetings in person or face-to-face (F2F), these are challenging times.  What do you do if you have a meeting need, but given the current circumstances, can’t have that meeting in a F2F format? What if you have an upcoming annual event that you now have to consider planning on-line?  What if your business has had to down-size and your in-house planning team has to plan your event with limited resources?

Shifting meeting and event formats from F2F to virtual formats can be accomplished when you have the right partner in place to guide you through the shift.

MTA is your Virtual Event Partner

With over 10 years of virtual event experience, Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has the ability to guide our clients through the unexpected.  We help you make the right decision for the event format you need to reach your audience. Sometimes life gets in the way and you have to pivot. And in those times, MTA pivots to virtual solutions.

Miller Tanner Associates has a well-equipped team of virtual meeting experts, all of the essential systems in-house, and the strategies and processes in place to manage a seamless virtual event.

Virtual Solution Options:

1) Virtual Meeting or Virtual Meeting Series

Deliver your meeting messages virtually and connect directly to your attendees. Each attendee can participate in real-time from their respective remote sites. Keep your agenda short and concise to ensure engagement and knowledge retention. Schedule one concise virtual event or a series of short virtual events to cover more topics. Read our virtual event success story, here and here.

2) Series of Regional Virtual Meetings (Hybrid or “Glocal”)

Bring smaller groups together (in less impacted areas) for hybrid regional virtual events to recreate a face-to-face experience while using virtual technology to deliver your message.

3) Virtual Now + Face-to-Face Later

Deliver the most pertinent information now virtually ahead of your planned face-to-face event later. Schedule a highly-focused virtual event to address your most critical information so that your team stays informed until your in-person meeting can take place.

4) 100% Virtual + VALTs ™ (Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source)

Record your message virtually and disperse it using Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) proprietary tool, VALTs™ (Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source) to train your teams in any location, at their convenience, and in their respective time zones.

VALTs™ can replicate your message or provide training that is budget-friendly while simultaneously creating an audit-ready, permission-based training record that can be accessed in real-time. Read a VALTs success story here.

Combined together, virtual events and our customized VALTS™ product is a dynamic dual solution for your alternative meeting needs.

5) Face-to-Face + Virtual + VALTs ™

Use a combination of all three options. If you’ve postponed your face-to-face meeting to a later date, you can deliver your message with a virtual pre-meeting while using VALTs ™ to repeat your presentations and disseminate your important documents well into the future. Read our success story here.

Virtual Event Expertise

MTA has the expertise to produce interactive, engaging, laser-focused virtual events, that can be easily be replicated to achieve your virtual event messaging goals. We can work with your in-house planning teams to fill in the gaps or partner with your business to provide our full scope of meeting planning services.

The world of virtual collaboration has opened up a new realm of possibilities, redefining what it means to meet, educate, and connect. This is the perfect time in our global history to unlock the power of virtual technology. Contact our team to discuss your options and download our Virtual Event Solutions Guide.

Download our Virtual Event Solutions Guide.