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How to Optimize Your Risk-Based Monitoring Plan

  Over the past few years, the pharma and CRO industries have been focused on creating better quality monitoring, using risk-based monitoring plans, to change and improve the ways that site monitors work. Technology and a risk-based plan outline what to watch for in the data, and define when a monitor should go on site as well as what amount of source data verification is required. One of the variables that is assessed in these risk-based monitoring plans includes directives for staff turnover and staff training needs.


6 Ways ARS Improves Audience Engagement at Your Meeting

Let’s face it, we live in a distracting world. Attention spans are short (shorter than a goldfish) and people are busy. As a presenter or meeting sponsor, it’s tough to compete with the constant barrage of distractions diverting our audience’s attention. The answer to ensuring that your audience is alert and engaged isn’t more coffee, but rather more dialogue – less monologue. That’s right, more interaction with your audience. But how can you increase interaction during your presentation without derailing it? As meeting planners, we have some ideas. One of the most...


The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Annually, we survey our Miller Tanner team, and without fail one of the aspects that is most valued among our staff about our company is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). And we think we have a hunch as to why. We, as a company, personally value CSR because it fosters a sense of connectivity among our virtually-based global team members. With our team dispersed across the globe, it’s an important opportunity to not only connect with each other but also with the community at large and the needs around us. It’s become...


Top 5 Reasons to Host an Event in Sydney

  Sydney is Australia’s largest, oldest and most diverse city. It has become one of Miller Tanner’s popular destination cities for hosting meetings and events because of its multicultural diversity, its proximity to Asia-Pacific, its dynamic landscapes, and hotel conference sites and amenities. We asked our own Global Conference Director Natalie Lowndes, who moved to Sydney from England, why she believes Sydney is one of Australia’s most desirable meeting locations and why it’s a good choice for meetings and events.


5 Ways To Keep Your Event Costs Low

Do you want to keep event costs low while providing a flawless, top-notch event for your attendees? Then hiring a meeting and event planning company is a must. At Miller Tanner cost savings and cost avoidance are a way of life and the constant goal for all our departments. In fact, in 2015 we were able to save our clients a combined $750K. Cost savings isn’t just a purchasing or finance activity, but it extends to our operations and media teams as well. Each and every day Miller Tanner strives...


#MeetMTA: Jennifer Sweeney, CPA

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that bring our corporate meetings and events to life for you, our clients. Today, we introduce Miller Tanner’s Financial Controller “Extraordinaire” Jennifer Sweeney, CPA. #MeetMTA: Jennifer Sweeney, CPA Tell us about your current role with MTA – what do you do? What are your primary responsibilities? As the financial controller for Miller Tanner, I have oversight of all financial and human resource aspects.  That includes review and approval of contracts and...


#MeetMTA: Melissa Eggert, CMP, Global Experience Manager

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that bring our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today, we introduce you to Melissa Eggert, CMP, Global Experience Manager (GXM). As a GXM, Melissa’s role is to meticulously architect meetings from beginning to end. 


5 Tips for Choosing a Winning Theme

Meetings come in all shapes and sizes. As meeting and event planners, we’ve planned a full gamut of meetings ranging from clinical to commercial and every meeting in between. Whether it be a sales meeting for a team of regional staff, an annual conference, or a President’s Club for employee recognition, we know what works. We’ve found that with just a few additional creative measures, you can create a more memorable meeting experience for your attendees, exceed your meeting goals, and foster connectivity among your group that will garner an...


Creating Meeting Experiences: Themes

Last week on our blog, we discussed team building as an effective way to create a memorable meeting experience. Today we explore how to create an unforgettable meeting experience through a well-executed theme. Discover how you can bring your next meeting, be it a regional sales meeting or a leadership conference, to life by weaving in themes to accomplish your meeting goals, excite participants, and shape your overall meeting experience for your attendees.


Creating Meeting Experiences: Team Building

Planning a meeting is one thing. Planning a memorable meeting experience is another. The difference is — personalizing it. That’s what Marnie Battistini, CEO of Miller Tanner Associates believes.  “You create a memorable meeting experience by connecting with people. Personalizing it. If you are going to spend money to bring your team together, then maximize that investment by making it a memorable experience.” In this series on our blog, we will explore dynamic ingredients, that we deem the secret sauce, for creating not just a meeting, but a memorable meeting experience that...