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We’ve learned a lot about planning, managing and executing successful meetings over the course of two decades and 2,900+ events. On this blog, we share insights, tips and best practices for creating extraordinary event experiences… and some other fun stuff too. Enjoy!


Transform Your “Bored” Meeting to a Board Meeting

Board Meeting (1)

By | November 06, 2018

From “Bored Meetings” to Board Meetings Every minute something is changing somewhere;  technology is prevailing over “we’ve always done it this way”.  Since that is true, why not shake things up starting with your usual and customary processes?  Oh wait, here come the reasons: It costs too much It takes too much time My team won’t buy into it

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Why You Should Switch Your Presentation to This Format


By | October 30, 2018

Why You Should Switch Your Presentation to This Format In any presentation, content is king. In today’s meeting room, you want to make sure that you showcase your content in such a way that it is visually engaging and provides a dynamic experience for your learner. That being the case, it may be time to upgrade your PowerPoint slides from 4:3 layout to the modern, widescreen 16:9 layout.

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Meet MTA: Caroline Drummey, Global Event Specialist

By | October 23, 2018

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Caroline Drummey, Global Event Specialist. Caroline, our associate based in Ireland, brings a wealth of talent to our team. With an eye for detail, she manages responsibilities ranging from the invitation launch, attendee registration, and welcome packages to working on site to ensure a seamless event. Meet Caroline Drummey Tell us about your current...

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{Infographic} 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Event Location

Measuring the Impact of Your Face-to-Face Event Using Data

How Data Impacts F2F

By | October 09, 2018

Measuring ROI at Face-to-Face Events Our clients often pose the question to the Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) team, “How can we prove to our key stakeholders that it is worth the investment of time, money and resources required for face-to-face events, when the efficiency and ease of virtual events is powerful and persuasive?”  The simple answer is data.

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Investigator Meetings: Q & A with MTA

MTA Investigator Meetings

By | October 02, 2018

Our Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) Global Sales Team comprised of Dawn Barnes, Director of Global Sales, along with Diana Reed, Key Accounts Manager, and Lauren Beegal, Senior Business Development Manager, share with us all the latest trends and tips for planning successful investigator meetings (IM). Investigator Meetings: Q & A What are some of the latest trends you are seeing with investigator meetings? Dawn: Companies are branching out to have fewer traditional speaker PowerPoint presentations be replaced with more interactive sessions like panels for Q&A versus round-table working group discussions...

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Meet MTA: Jessica Gratt, Global Service Director

Jessica Gratt

By | September 25, 2018

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Jessica Gratt, Global Service Director at Miller Tanner Associates (MTA). Jessica has vast experience with managing processes. In her current role, she juggles details, data, and travel management with ease. Meet Jessica Gratt Tell us about your current role with MTA? I am a global service director at MTA.  I oversee the travel aspect of...

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Access to Event Data is Necessary for Success

Access to Event Data

By | September 18, 2018

Sometimes I ask myself what’s the point of all this technology? As ‘technology’ is my chosen career path, I won’t fault you for thinking you’re witnessing the early onset of an existential crisis. In my defense, however, I submit that this fundamental question helps keep our team focused. A typical project might be about improving the speed at which something is done, increasing the mobile connectivity to a resource or the potential cost savings of automating a process, but it’s never just the technology. Asking the question helps remind me of the...

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How to Bring Work-Life Balance to Your Event

Work Life Balance

By | September 11, 2018

 Why Work-life Balance is Important The U.S. ranks in the bottom 20 percent for work-life balance among the 38 countries surveyed in a report compiled by Family Living Today and Now Sourcing.  On average, people spend nine and a half hours a day on “personal care” and that includes everything from sleep to showering. Nine and a half hours a day is not much when you consider that eight hours of sleep is optimal. Because of technology, it has becoming increasingly difficult to separate work from personal life making it a challenge for employees to achieve a...

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How to Strengthen the Investigator Site Partnerships Using On-Demand Training

strengthen investigator site partnerships

By | September 04, 2018

Investigators’ knowledge is critical to the success of clinical trials, yet research suggests that the attrition rate is high among these professionals. When investigator turnover occurs, the quality and ultimately the success of the clinical trial is compromised.

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