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Success Story: How Attendees’ Surveys Propelled Event Engagement

The Event  A global biopharmaceutical company, was planning their North America Kickoff Meeting for 150 attendees which included their business units and support departments.   The Challenge  Because this was the first face-to-face event since their 2020 virtual event, the company’s goal was to build excitement and momentum to kick off the 2023 year and create an intentional agenda that would support this.   To add to the challenge, this event had a short planning period beginning in mid-October with a January event date and needed to accommodate additional international guest travelers.  ...


Success Story: Four Simultaneous Meetings in Four Cities

The event  A biopharmaceutical company hosted a Plan of Action (POA) meeting with the goal to bring four regions together to plan and strategize for their upcoming year’s goals and initiatives. The event was also an opportunity to announce winners of their “Circle of Excellence” top achievers.    Challenges  Solutions  Upon understanding the goals of the client, the MTA team began sourcing per region in order to plan and coordinate four simultaneous meetings in four cities – Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey and Tampa.   The four meetings were held over a 2-day...


Success Story: National Sales Meeting with a Unique Theme

Event  National sales meeting for a U.S. medical device sales company in San Diego, California  Challenges   The national sales meeting hosting 70 attendees was originally planned for January 2022. Due to the pandemic, the in-person event was postponed a few months later in May.   Solutions  In lieu of the postponement, the customer opted to add a virtual event (4-week compressed turnaround) in February to announce the company’s award winners in advance of the rescheduled May in-person event.   For the face-to-face event in May, the goal was to bring the team...


Meet MTA: Gemma Plans Garcia, Global Experience Manager

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our customers. Today we introduce you to Global Experience Manager Gemma Plans Garcia, our Spain-based associate. Tapping into her impeccable communication and interpersonal skills, Gemma works directly with both our customers as well as manages team members to seamlessly deliver exceptional events from beginning to end. Meet Gemma Plans Garcia Tell us about your current role with MTA? What...


Meet MTA: Callie Carkin, Senior Contracts Specialist

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our customers. Today we introduce you to Senior Contracts Specialist Callie Carkin. Callie’s extensive knowledge of contract processes and efficiencies combined with her adeptness for laser-sharp problem-solving, undoubtedly contribute to Miller Tanner Associates overall seamless process for launching any successful event. Meet Callie Carkin Tell us about your current role with MTA. What are your primary responsibilities?   As the...


How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Theme for your Team Meeting

Updated: 12/22/2022 Last week on our blog, we discussed team building as an effective way to create a memorable meeting experience. Today we explore how to create an unforgettable meeting experience through a well-executed theme. Discover how you can bring your next meeting, be it a regional sales meeting or a leadership conference, to life by weaving in themes to accomplish your meeting goals, excite participants, and shape your overall meeting experience for your attendees.


How to Plan Successful Investigator Meetings

Updated: 12/22/2022 At Miller Tanner, we help pharma, biotech, medical device, and contract research organizations (CROs) orchestrate creative training solutions for investigative sites participating in clinical trials. Through our work—which includes planning hundreds of investigator meetings —we’ve observed some of the key factors that contribute to successful training programs. Training Is Critical to a Successful Clinical Research Study Timely and effective investigational plan training for CROs and site staff is essential to conducting a successful clinical research study. The integrity of clinical research data and even the study itself can...


Meet MTA: Brian Buzas, Software Engineer

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our customers. Today we introduce you to Brian Buzas, software engineer with MTA’s Technology Services Department. Brian’s attention to detail and software engineering expertise supports our Technology Services Team’s development of superior MTA products for event management both internally and for our customers. Meet Brian Buzas Tell us about your current role with MTA? What are your primary responsibilities?I...


How to Make Events More Accessible and Inclusive

From small events to large conferences, accessibility is important. Every attendee needs to feel welcome, so it is essential to ensure that your event acknowledges and includes the needs of everyone. If you want to increase accessibility for your organization, making your events more inclusive is crucial. Making Meetings & Events Accessible For any meeting or event, you should consider the needs of all attendees. Check Your Venue in Advance When reserving a venue, look for one with the best accessibility features and can accommodate a variety of attendees’ under...


Success Story: Congress Management

The Event  A global healthcare company hosted various meetings throughout the week at the annual European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress in Paris, France.   The Challenge  Within an expedited timeframe, our customer needed assistance with strategic congress management and logistics support, specifically planning multiple meetings/meeting types during the ESMO Congress. That which typically requires 6-8 months planning lead time, our team had 8 weeks to accomplish given the condensed timeline. Adding to the challenge, Paris shut down for 2 weeks for scheduled holidays during our 8-week planning phase. The...