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CEO Marnie Battistini Recognized as Top 20 Dynamic Business Leader

” Following a dream into reality takes grit and purpose. It’s doable, but you need to forgive your mistakes and those of others on your journey.” Marnie Battistini, CEO MTA celebrates Chief Executive Officer Marnie Miller Battistini for her recognition as a Top 20 Dynamic Business Leader for 2022. To read the full story, visit The Corporate Magazine feature article here.


Success Story: Accessible, Inclusive Virtual Event Experience

The Event   Virtual concert event emphasizing diversity and inclusion to promote unity during a challenging time of the pandemic.   “Together We Rise – A Virtual Experience with Mandy Harvey, an inclusive, soulful experience providing the opportunity for people of all ages to come together around story and song.”   Goals of the Event   The sponsors’ goals for the event included:   Provide an accessible, inclusive event experience for all ages.    Partner with woman-owned business to produce event.   Support the work of teachers and community organizers around the world with a supplemental...


In-Person Events Are Back Podcast

In episode 2 of the Event Horizons podcast, dive into how the in-person event format has evolved and what strategies and tactics event professionals can implement to keep people coming back to their in-person events. MTA’s Chief Experience Officer Meredith Shottes joins the discussion with other event industry leaders to lend their collective insights to the conversation. Event Horizons is hosted by Nolan Ether and Olivia vanCuren, presented by Webex Events (formerly Socio) and produced by Earfluence.


The Value of Face to Face Meeting Planning

While the rise of digital technology has transformed daily communication, in-person meetings remain crucial for developing business relationships. A face-to-face meeting allows you to increase engagement, improve communication, obtain loyalty, and build trust among coworkers and clients. To understand why in-personal meetings are still relevant, let’s look at some of the many benefits they offer.  Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings Building Strong Relationships  Why are face-to-face meetings so important for building quality, long-term relationships? First, clients need to know they are important, and meeting them in person demonstrates that you value...


How to Organize a Hybrid Event

Planning important meetings, conferences, or any other type of event has unlimited opportunities. You can invite guest speakers, hold demonstrations, collaborate, and impart new skills. With today’s technological advancements, hybrid events are on the rise.  A hybrid event brings the best of virtual and in-person worlds together for a shared dynamic experience. If you’re unsure how to host a hybrid event, the experts at Miller Tanner Associates are prepared to assist you. What Are Hybrid Events?  A hybrid event combines in-person and virtual events, utilizing aspects from both styles of...


3 Reasons to Host a Virtual Event

Why Host a Virtual Event? Concerned about cost, accessibility, and flexibility when it comes to your events? A virtual event can be the answer to your event challenges. Virtual events are a highly effective way to deliver content without the cost and planning involved in a face-to-face event. Never tried a virtual event? Here are a few reasons to consider it:  1. It saves time and money. Short on time and budget? Virtual events offer incredible savings in both budget and time, making it the preferred alternative to a face-to-face event....


Success Story: Global Commercial Sales Meeting with a Plot Twist

The Event  Global commercial sales meeting for a clinical research organization company – an emerging biotech leader.   The Challenges  Due to a company merger and expansion of the commercial team, the goal was to bring together team members for leadership announcements, company overview, celebration, and team motivation for 237 attendees.  This event was originally planned to take place in Dublin. Many of the logistics had been confirmed but due to Ireland’s pandemic restrictions for indoor events weeks prior to the February event, the event was cancelled. Plot twist. Within a 2-week...


20 Reasons You Should Use VALTs to Train Your Team

Change the way you train your teams using virtual training solutions. VALTs, our one-stop solution, is a Virtual Assessment, Learning and Training Source. You can essentially train on-demand, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


How to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Computer viruses, cyber attacks, hackers…Are the unknowns, lurking around in cyberspace, keeping you up at night? By implementing these top 10 security tips from Daniel Conroy, Miller Tanner’s Director of Technology Services, you can rest assured that you are taking proactive measures to safeguard your data against security susceptibilities. Perhaps you’ll sleep better at night too. 10 Security Tips For Data Protection  1. Check For Software Updates Software updates aren’t always new features. Many times, these updates are to correct a flaw in the software that could put you, and your...


10 Signs You Need a Corporate Event Planner

Planning a corporate event seems simple at first. You just book a hotel, arrange some travel and you’re all set, right? Wrong. Even though we’ve all attended meetings, running them in a flawless and professional manner is a completely different story. The reality is that event planning can be challenging if unprepared. It demands time, focus, research, budgeting, logistical skills and relevant knowledge that many corporate leadership teams simply don’t possess. Sadly, far too many companies try to figure it out on their own in order to save costs and...