Success Story


Simultaneous Hybrid Meetings in Four Cities

Connecting Regions for Consistent Results

The Event

  • A biopharmaceutical company hosted a Plan of Action (POA) meeting with the goal of bringing four regions together to plan and strategize for their upcoming year’s goals and initiatives. The event was also an opportunity to announce winners of their “Circle of Excellence” top achievers.   

The Challenge

  • First ever Plan of Action meeting together. 
    • Compressed 4-week turnaround time to plan and produce the POA. 
    • After surveying feedback from their team, they decided to do regional meetings due to the pandemic concerns and team’s comfort level with travel at that time. 
    • Deliver consistent messaging across the meetings by offering the same training to each region. 
    • Enable the regions (30-45 people per region) to communicate with one another throughout the POA meeting.  

The Results

  • With diligent pre-planning and guidance from MTA’s in-house AV expertise, the Miller Tanner Associates team worked in unison in 4 cities to deliver a seamless synchronous hybrid POA. 
  • Upon understanding the goals of the client, the MTA team began sourcing per region in order to plan and coordinate four simultaneous meetings in four cities – Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey and Tampa.  
  • The four meetings were held over a 2-day period consisting of general sessions, live virtual broadcasts, and dinners in respective cities.  
  • To accommodate live virtual broadcasts, the presenters were set up in a remote office so all regional meetings could have a similar experience of speakers on screen delivering a consistent message.  
  • Due to the virtual components of the event, MTA provided extensive pre-planning and AV coordination in order to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Attendee dinners were held at local restaurants within close proximity to the respective hotels in each city for easy transport and/or walking options. 
  • Specialty room drops were created for the Circle of Excellence incentive winners announcing the details of their San Diego incentive trip.  
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Bringing regions together for succinct, in-sync messaging.

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