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{Infographic} Tips for Planning a Green Event

Do you want your event to have a greater impact? Check out these tips for intentional ways to make your event more impactful for the attendees, the community, and the environment.


Success Story: How We Relocated an Investigator Meeting During a Medical Outbreak

A lot goes into planning a meeting. It requires organization and preparation, and the simultaneous turning of many different screws to successfully put the plan in motion. And yet even the best-laid plans can be derailed by the unpredictable. That was the case for one of our clients, who had to consider canceling their event after the sudden emergence of a public health crisis. Fortunately, for every incredible meeting challenge, there’s usually an equally incredible solution to overcome it. Here’s the story of how we helped a client work around...


Q & A: The Return of Face-to-Face Events

With the possible return of face-to-face events in the near future, many companies are considering how to best move forward with their events later this year and beyond. Senior Global Experiences Manager Kristin Puryear shares her insightful tips on how to plan your face-to-face events while considering both the unknowns and the possibilities ahead. What are the most common hesitancies companies are experiencing now with regards to planning their face-to-face events?   I think one of the biggest hesitancies is whether the audience is ready and would be willing to...


Building a Hybrid Event Experience

Annually, Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) gathers in-person for training and team-building at our MTA Workshop. This year looks a little different. We’ll be following a hybrid event format using a best-in-class experience platform that aligns with our agenda. In addition, we are designing the hybrid event to include all our audiences: North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. We invite you to a behind-the-scenes look at how we are building a hybrid experience for our own annual Workshop! Don’t miss this 6-part series shared by our CEO Marnie Miller...


MTA Celebrates 24 Years in the Events Industry

Our 24th year in business was remarkable. A year like no other. But along the way, we seized the opportunity to: Reflect on our industry. To redefine what we offered, and how we offered it. And to re-examine our core beliefs and what’s really important to us. But that was our 24th year. Now, we are looking forward to year 25. It’s going to be a milestone year, one where we’re re-envisioning the future of not just our business but the event business as a whole. We’re looking to start...


Virtual Ice Breakers for Virtual Meetings

Virtual Ice Breakers For Meetings and Events Great virtual ice breaker games can be one of the best ways for team members to get to know each other, build solid coworker bonds, and create a positive culture of collaboration. Even one high-quality icebreaker can set the stage for an authentic connection, something that can be challenging to achieve in a typical work environment. And when it comes to hosting a virtual event, online icebreakers are an especially valuable way to break through the barrier of a screen. So, how do...


{Infographic} 8 Ways to Design a Better Meeting for Busy Professionals

Design a better meeting for busy professionals by using these 8 tips as a guide.


Hybrid Events: The Best of Both Virtual and Face-to-Face

Hybrid Events: Two Audiences, One Experience But we’ve also learned that humans are designed for connection and people miss being face-to-face. In general, in-person events are the preferred format to fully engage with others and with the content that’s being delivered.  As regions of the world begin to reopen, companies are exploring how they might extend and further engage their audience in the future considering the juxtaposition of these distinct meeting formats.    Given the unpredictable nature of these times, there must be a safe, effective, yet flexible way to accommodate for the unexpected – abrupt changes in the...


Success Story: Virtual National Sales Meeting Drives Meaningful Engagement

The Event A U.S. medical device sales company had to pivot their in-person national sales meeting to a virtual format. The Challenge With limited technology capabilities and a tight deadline, a medical device sales company contacted Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) to assist with planning their national sales meeting for their U.S./Canada team members that had to be moved from an in-person to a virtual event. This being their first virtual national sales meeting, the client wanted to elevate the experience beyond a basic meeting to an elevated, engaging, dynamic experience. ...


Meet MTA: Caroline Drummey, Global Experience Designer – Events

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Global Experience Designer – Events Caroline Drummey. Caroline, our associate based in Ireland, brings a wealth of talent to our team. She works closely with our customers to ensure that their events’ visions and goals are transformed into unique engaging experiences. Meet Caroline Drummey, Global Experience Designer – Events Strengths (based on...