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How to Bring Work-Life Balance to Your Event

 Why Work-life Balance is Important The U.S. ranks in the bottom 20 percent for work-life balance among the 38 countries surveyed in a report compiled by Family Living Today and Now Sourcing.  On average, people spend nine and a half hours a day on “personal care” and that includes everything from sleep to showering. Nine and a half hours a day is not much when you consider that eight hours of sleep is optimal. Because of technology, it has becoming increasingly difficult to separate work from personal life making it a challenge for employees to achieve a...


How to Strengthen Investigator Site Partnerships Using On-Demand Training

Investigators’ knowledge is critical to the success of clinical trials, yet research suggests that the attrition rate is high among these professionals. When investigator turnover occurs, the quality and ultimately the success of the clinical trial is compromised.


How to Plan a Socially-Responsible Green Event

Do you want your event to have a greater impact? The answer is – paper straws. (By now you’ve heard that plastic straws are out, paper straws are in, right? ) At this year’s MTA Workshop, our week-long annual event, we took  Corporate Social Responsibility one step further by integrating the CSR concept into both the major and minor details of the event. Including paper straws. But that’s not all we did. We repurposed, reduced, and gave back. We looked for intentional ways to infuse Corporate Social Responsibility into each and every...


2018 Miller Tanner Associates Awards

We are pleased to announce our Miller Tanner Associates Awards for the 2017-2018 year! At our recent Miller Tanner Global Workshop, we recognized and awarded distinguished team members for their outstanding contribution to Miller Tanner throughout the year. Their special talents and skills contribute to the “Miller Tanner Difference”.


Q & A with MTA: The Future of Face-to-Face, Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Recently SmartMeetings interviewed Marnie, our CEO, and Laura, MTA’s Strategic Development Director, to discuss the future of events and emerging trends in the virtual meeting format.     Our Team can help you achieve your meeting goals. Contact Miller Tanner Associates to find out how!


Investigator Meetings: Maximize Your Training Strategy

Training, continuity in training messages, and documentation of training are all critical components of a successful clinical study.  The pharmaceutical industry invests significant spending in monies and resources to develop a molecule and to document the training of investigator site personnel regarding the clinical research study as is required by agencies such as FDA, EMA, PMDA, etc. With so much invested, Miller Tanner asks,  your training strategy ensuring success? Is your training approach a “one-shot-and-done” or “holistic”? Investigator meetings usually include two people from each site to attend due to...


A Simpler Strategy for Successful Employee Onboarding

Do you have processes or procedures that are required to be completed and need to be documented by your staff in the same manner regardless of their location? Do you need to assess your workforce’s understanding of your procedures? Are you creating training manuals and requiring your workforce members to sign a hard copy to help you document their training? Do you struggle to keep track of all of these moving parts when it comes to onboarding new employees? In a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder, more than a third...


CSR Spotlight: Circus Kathmandu

At the heart of Miller Tanner Associates, you will find two distinctions: a team of dedicated individuals who strive for excellence in the work that they do every day; and a work culture that promotes a spirit of generosity and hospitality through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Recently we sat down with Glenda Ann Robertson, Global Event Specialist who, in February, participated in a CSR opportunity with Circus Kathmandu.