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How to Develop Creative Corporate Meeting Theme Ideas

Whether you are hosting an industry-wide training, corporate retreat, or sales meeting, the most crucial thing about your event is what the attendees will remember from their experience. Event planners are continually looking for ways to create impactful experiences that resonate with their guests. Themed meetings have become an increasingly popular option to inject a healthy dose of joie de vivre into corporate meetings. What should you consider when creating a themed meeting? Here are ways to use a well-executed theme to create an unforgettable meeting experience and successful corporate...


How to Plan an Incentive Trip on a Budget

Incentive trips are a smart, essential investment for any company, including major corporations and small businesses alike. Offering incentive trips for employees can directly contribute to stronger business results, in addition to a multitude of other advantages. And here’s more good news: an outstanding incentive trip is possible even if you’re working with a limited budget. In fact, with some savvy budget hacks for travel planning, there are plenty of great company trip ideas that are far more affordable than you might think. What is an Incentive Trip? Essentially, an...


Success Story: A Hybrid Event Experience for a Global Team

The Event:   Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) hosts an annual Workshop bringing together its global team from Europe, Asia, North America and South America. The Workshop is designed to provide departmental and company-wide training, skill building, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, teambuilding events, and networking opportunities.  The Challenge:   This year’s face-to-face event was threatened by pandemic travel restrictions. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic’s potential impact, the team decided to shift the Workshop to a hybrid format to accommodate any concerns that could arise.   By shifting to a hybrid 3-day format, the challenge then emerged as to how to connect and engage the two audiences, virtual and in-person. Such challenges included:   Creating a shared experience for both the virtual and face-to-face teams.   Strategically planning an event that would meaningfully engage remote attendees located...


Success Story: Themed Incentive Programs on Both Sides of the Atlantic

The Event  A global consulting company originally scheduled an incentive program for May 2020 in Miami, but due to the pandemic the event was rescheduled.   The Challenges  Miller Tanner Associates had originally planned this international incentive program for May 2020 in Miami. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions for international travel to the U.S., Miller Tanner Associates was able to obtain zero damage contracts from the event and reschedule for two smaller events.  The Solution  Utilizing our team’s expertise, we offered a creative solution to address challenges – plan two smaller...


7 Best Travel Apps For Trip Planning

Are you looking forward to your next big trip? This post lists the best travel apps that can help ensure the trip’s success, whether it is across the ocean or just down the road. The best part about the travel planning app recommended below is that they are all free to use. All you need to do is download one for a stress-free journey filled with fun and memories. Best Navigation App: Google Maps Whether you are looking for the fastest route or search options, Google Maps is your go-to...


#MeetMTA: Diana Reed, Key Account Manager

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Key Account Manager Diana Reed, our Pennsylvania-based associate. Diana brings a level of exceptional customer relations expertise that truly demonstrates MTA’s core values. Meet Diana Reed Tell us about your current role with MTA?  I partner with existing clients and also work with new customers sharing our event services and virtual capabilities...


How to Plan a National Sales Meeting

In this event-planning playbook, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about planning successful national sales meetings. As you read, you’ll learn: When it comes to corporate event planning, few occasions are as important – and as rewarding – as national sales meetings. With the potential to serve as a catalyst for employee collaboration and motivation, these meetings play a starring role in the story of a company’s future success. For sales leaders, communicating and connecting with teams that are usually scattered across the nation is a...


Corporate Team Building Ideas & Activities

As you read our how-to guide for corporate team building activities, you’ll learn: What do you think of when you hear the phrase “team building?” Like many workers in corporate America, your mind might immediately go to unpleasant memories of awkward group activities or boring team bonding events. Unfortunately, team building tends to get a bad rap, and there are plenty of poorly planned team building games and activities out there that aren’t exactly helping. But when done well, it can be a fun way to strengthen workplace relationships, improve...


Hybrid Meeting Best Practices

Why You Need a Meeting/Event Planner for a Hybrid Event “Hybrid” seems to be one of the latest buzzwords we hear everywhere we go – from hybrid vehicles to a hybrid approach to education, the term is being used in a multitude of ways. But when we’re talking about going hybrid in the world of business, it has a distinct meaning all its own. As a growing number of companies evolve their working and meeting environments, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the way we collaborate is changing significantly. And understandably,...