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Hybrid Events: The Best of Both Virtual and Face-to-Face

Hybrid Events: Two Audiences, One Experience But we’ve also learned that humans are designed for connection and people miss being face-to-face. In general, in-person events are the preferred format to fully engage with others and with the content that’s being delivered.  As regions of the world begin to reopen, companies are exploring how they might extend and further engage their audience in the future considering the juxtaposition of these distinct meeting formats.    Given the unpredictable nature of these times, there must be a safe, effective, yet flexible way to accommodate for the unexpected – abrupt changes in the...


Success Story: Virtual National Sales Meeting Drives Meaningful Engagement

The Event A U.S. medical device sales company had to pivot their in-person national sales meeting to a virtual format. The Challenge With limited technology capabilities and a tight deadline, a medical device sales company contacted Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) to assist with planning their national sales meeting for their U.S./Canada team members that had to be moved from an in-person to a virtual event. This being their first virtual national sales meeting, the client wanted to elevate the experience beyond a basic meeting to an elevated, engaging, dynamic experience. ...


Meet MTA: Caroline Drummey, Global Experience Designer – Events

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Global Experience Designer – Events Caroline Drummey. Caroline, our associate based in Ireland, brings a wealth of talent to our team. She works closely with our customers to ensure that their events’ visions and goals are transformed into unique engaging experiences. Meet Caroline Drummey, Global Experience Designer – Events Strengths (based on...


Advantages of Hybrid Events

5 Advantages of Hybrid Events Hybrid events have always been a great event solution. For years, Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has been using a combination of face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid events to enhance learning, strengthen the conversation before or after an event, boost return on investment, and improve audience connection. Combining the best of both virtual and in-person events, hybrid events offer powerful advantages that can boost the overall success of your event. 1. Increased Agility in Contingency Planning On a practical level, the great advantage of a hybrid model is that it...


Success Story: Executing a Successful Hybrid Certification Training Amid a Pandemic and a Protest

A biopharmaceutical company with an urgent study timeline sponsored a hands-on training for an important study trial. Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) mobilized to create a dynamic hybrid event with two audiences to create one experience.


Virtual Event Ideas for Social and Unique Special Events

Virtual Event Ideas for Social and Unique Special Events Virtual events may have originally started as the solution to a global problem, but it’s quickly become clear that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Offering the ultimate combination of convenience, flexibility, and versatility, remote online events are completely changing the way we collaborate. If you want to host something truly unique, special event ideas aren’t limited to in-person experiences. In fact, a virtual event can offer all of the same dynamism and memorability as a traditional, on-site event – as...


Success Story: How to Expand Recruitment Training Capability Using VALTs to Support Virtual Events

The Event A pharmaceutical company, launching a global-wide Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) study, needed to host an investigator meeting (IM) series as well as a recruitment training series. The Challenge Given the large scale of the study, combined with the challenges of the pandemic, the client needed to proceed with the investigator meetings and recruitment trainings while also providing flexibility and accessibility to site staff and sites involved in the study. Due to the complexity of this study involving OCD, the specialized training involved the interaction and management of patients from...


6 Reasons On-Demand Training Should Be Part of Your Training Strategy

The ways in which companies can use on-demand training are virtually endless. If you want to expand your training capabilities, on-demand training is a cost-effective tool that can help accomplish all of your training goals. If you’ve not tried on-demand training as a way to streamline your training, here are six compelling reasons why you should: 1). Engagement with content over time makes training more effective. Meeting over a few days may not be enough for knowledge retention among your audience. The most effective training is one that engages your audience...


Success Story: In-Person Event Pivots to Virtual & Expands Reach by 2,100%

Using the best-in-class virtual technology options, MTA’s expert Global Experience Team worked closely with our client to design and deliver a flawlessly executed virtual experience for 2300+ remote attendees.


The Benefits of Hybrid Events

What is a Hybrid Event? Essentially, a hybrid event is any combination of a face-to-face and virtual or digital experience. You might have a 5,000-person virtual event with 20 people joining in person in one location. Or you might have 100 people face-to-face in meeting rooms and 100 people attending virtually online. Or you could have 5000 attendees with a live speaker being recorded and filmed at a remote location. These are just a few examples of the countless options that hybrid events can offer. Bottom line: With hybrid meetings,...