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Virtual Meetings Versus Virtual Events

With every crisis comes opportunity. For the event industry, the opportunity is the ability to pivot to successfully produce virtual meetings and virtual events. In today’s market, virtual solutions have become the only event option available and the event industry has shifted to meet the demand.  Since 2010 Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has been planning virtual meetings and in 2016, MTA started producing successful virtual events.  There is a distinction between meetings and events, and it’s helpful to understand the differences and similarities. Virtual Meetings Versus Virtual Events Virtual Meetings...


Virtual Meeting Tips

To ensure that your next virtual meeting is a successful one, our Virtual Events Team has compiled some useful best practices.


The Importance of Internal Meetings

8 Reasons Why Internal Meetings Matter We asked the team of event pros at Miller Tanner Associates why internal meetings matter. Our team members share their perspectives on how internal meetings over in-office meetings can be beneficial to the overall health of an organization.  1. Builds Team Morale There is no better money spent than meeting face-to-face when it comes to being part of a team,  whether leading or supporting a company, department, or team. That’s why team meetings are of the utmost importance.  In most companies, the cost is...


Why You Still Need an Event Planner for a Virtual Meeting

Your face-to-face event has been canceled. Okay, now what? You’ve decided to switch to a virtual option. Great! This should be easy, right? Virtual events are not immune to Murphy’s Law – if something can go wrong, it likely will. In fact, recent news headlines have either had you gasping in disbelief or laughing out loud at virtual meeting mishaps gone viral – everything from attendees forgetting they are miked and on camera to unexpected video-bombing in the background. You can easily mitigate virtual meeting risks by simply hiring a...


Success Story: Hybrid (Virtual + In-Person) Investigator Meeting

THE EVENT U.S. Investigator Meeting for a Boston Biotech Company THE CHALLENGE Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) was asked to find a solution for an early June face-to-face (F2F) investigator meeting that could no longer take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While it was clear the June F2F event could not go forward as originally planned, the sponsor needed to meet their original FPI milestone and wanted to maintain a strong level of engagement with their sites.  THE SOLUTION MTA designed a hybrid experience based on the goals and objectives...


Celebrating 23 Years of Planning Event Experiences

We are jazzed to be celebrating 23 incredible years in the global meeting and event industry!


Virtual Event Mash-Up

We’ve curated a mash-up of some of our best blogs with tips for creating successful virtual events. Now more than ever virtual events are essential. Use these strategies from the Miller Tanner Team to improve and maximize your meeting’s capabilities. Switching to Virtual Meeting Solutions Even when the face-to-face can’t go on, your meeting still can. Businesses can easily switch to virtual options and not miss a beat when they have the right partner in place to guide them through the switch. More here. 4 Tips for Virtual Meeting Success Virtual meetings...


Switching to Virtual Meetings

If you are accustomed to conducting meetings in person or face-to-face (F2F), these are challenging times.  What do you do if you have a meeting need, but given the current circumstances, can’t have that meeting in a F2F format? What if you have an upcoming annual event that you now have to consider planning on-line?  What if your business has had to down-size and your in-house planning team has to plan your event with limited resources? Shifting meeting and event formats from F2F to virtual formats can be accomplished when...


Miller Tanner Associates Virtual Event Solutions

Even during the unexpected, you can still expect that your meeting's message will be heard. How? Short answer - through our virtual event services and VALTs™ (Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source).


5 Corporate Event Trends to Try

Bring these popular ideas to your next corporate event experience for an unforgettable experience. 1. Include Altruism, Wellness, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tap into the emotional intelligence of your audience by bringing a more altruistic midset to your event. This is an important piece of everyday life for individuals so why not showcase at your event to inspire your attendees. Some ways to do this: 2. Content is Key With so much easy access to information 24-7, it’s vital that your event content is engaging in a way that...