20 Ways to Create an Event that Your Attendees will Love

It’s February and love is in the air – even for events! Do you want to create an event experience that your attendees will love? Give your face-to-face meetings and events more TLC with these 20 tips from Miller Tanner Associates. Click on each tip for more information.

engage audience

Engage Your Audience

  1. Use technology for creative presentations like holograms, LED screens, video and more.
  2. Engage with Hybrid.
  3. Add more fun.
  4. Understand what your audience wants.
  5. Go paperless and digital.
memorable events

Make It Memorable

  1. Weave in a theme to transform your event from drab to fab.
  2. Celebrate achievements with a sales event, Incentive Travel or a Product Launch.
  3. Make internal meetings a priority.
  4. Add some extras like personalized gifting and cultural outings.
  5. Use team-building and CSR to unite your team.
  6. Go green!
  7. Emphasize work-life balance.
  8. Have fun and dream big!
get inspired

Get Inspired

  1. Get inspired! Check out Miller Tanner Associates on social media for inspirational ideas! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  2. Discover a new and exciting event location.
  3. Read our success stories for more ideas!
  4. Plan your first incentive trip, even on a budget.
  5. Add the WOW factor.
  6. Be unique.
  7. Hire a professional planner like Miller Tanner Associates to plan an event that your attendees are sure to love.